Saturday, 28 November 2015

Galaxy Trek #1 and 2

Galaxy Trek is another title from Dan McGill and this time it's science fiction with an adult story and art. Again it's strictly adults only, so no sample pages

check out their website at Unload Comics

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Digital Comics Christmas Gifts

Whether it's horror macabre whodunits, historical superhero or heroines or a political thriller you fancy why not try a CDComics title. There's Spring Heeled Jack, Robin Hood, Alisteir Crowley, Nikola Tesla, Nazis and more.

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Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Robin Hood 2020 Austerity UK Comic

Another five years of austerity measures in the UK, five more years watching the rich and powerful elite, the public school oxbridge crowd filling their wallets. Well, where is Robin Hood?

George Osborne descends from one of the oldest Anglo-Irish aristocracies. The eldest son of Sir Peter Osborne, 17th Baronet, he is the heir apparent to the Osborne baronetcy.

Sir Richard Osborne, 1st Baronet (died c. 1667
Sir Richard Osborne, 2nd Baronet (died 1685)
Sir John Osborne, 7th Baronet, MP (d. 11 April 1743
Sir William Osborne, 8th Baronet (died 1783)
Sir Thomas Osborne, 9th Baronet (1757–1821)
Sir William Osborne, 10th Baronet (1817–1824)
Sir Henry Osborne, 11th Baronet, MP (aft. 1758 – 27 October 1837)

All were Members of Parliament, it must be tough having to work so hard to succeed

350 years of ruling the country... DEMOCRACY IN ACTION
Here's what Little John circa 2020 thinks....

Download the comic from

CDComics Butcher Horror Comics

This macabre horror with a twist and for the next month or so you can get it exclusively
on  Kindle Unlimited 

All the other CDComic titles are available from all the download sites listed below and from several retailers in Sheffield, England

Anna & Barbara Adult Comic

This is the first investigation for these two somewhat familiar amateur detectives that specialise in the occult. Three anthropology students have gone missing from Inverrness University. They are lost somewhere in the Cairngorms and Anna and Barbara suspect none other than the Big Grey Man (Scottish Yeti). 
This is damsel in distress territory and the two sleuths soon find themselves in the same predicament as the missing students they were trying to find...
The entire story is wrapped up in just 30 full colour pages, but this is an adult comic so expect nudity, explicit scenes  and the surprise unmasking of the criminals at the end.

Links to the download sites
Amazon Kindle: USAUK, GermanyFranceJapanCanadaAustralia, other countries Italy, Spain, Brazil, Mexico, etc and they are also available on Drive Thru Comics Kobo and Nook worldwide

Saturday, 30 May 2015

Jungle Jayne, War Nurse, Anna & Barbara

Naked Powers

New World Order Series

WWII British Jane character revamped and yes, she still loses her clothes! It'st set in 1899 with steampunk technology with a Jungle Girl narrative. Above is the cover for #1 featuring Barbara, Jungle Jayne's twin sister... JJ is more Sheena and spends her time getting Barbara out of trouble.

I apologise for the delay... The Jungle Jayne project was been handed over to Dan McGill and a new adult comic book publisher aimed at mature readers and the adult market, see more at

All the comics above are have scenes of a sexual nature and are adults only and are now on sale priced around $3.40, £2.20 at the following download websites.

Amazon: USAUK, GermanyFranceJapanCanadaAustralia, other countries Italy, Spain, Brazil, Mexico, etc and they are also available on Drive Thru Comics Kobo and Nook worldwide

Anna & Barbara #1 is a play on words and is the story of two rather familiar amateur occult detectives first investigation. It's Damsel in Distress stuff and the story has a twist at the end and characters you may recognise...

War Nurse and Her Commandos are public domain comic book characters from the 1940 who are given an adult twist in this 30 page full colour comic, that has sees them recruited and trained in order to be sent behind enemy lines where they will face the Nazi Window-makers.

The Naked Powers 1-3, Flirtatious Four story is about a group of empowered MILFs who don't have access to the sort of costumes the Fantastic Four rely on for their modesty. So when one of them grows into a She-Hulk type character or another Flames On, they are left rather exposed...

The New World Order Series, all take place on the same day in London. Aten is a sort of Egyptian version of Thor, while Amazing-Girl goes through a Captain America style rebirth and Mozis, he sort of travels back in time Terminator style.

They are all worth a look! But are Adults Only... CDComics are also still out there and are waiting to be downloaded

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Punchline Comics on Amazon KindleUnlimited

You can loan all three issues of 'The Butcher of Banner Cross' for free on KindleUnlimited.

Issue 1     Issue 2     Issue 3

A Serial Killer strikes in the city of Sheffield in the UK, but these are no ordinary murders! 

This macabre whodunit with some dark humour and all the clues to solve this supernatural murder mystery are in the 96 black/white and red pages of the three comics, but expect the unexpected this is a surreal murder mystery.
In 2006 two gruesome murders take place in Banner Cross. The police are baffled and their investigation is complicated by the arrival of Watkins an Agent from the Office of Paradoxical and Unnatural Security (OPUS). Or rather it's complicated by Watkins involving Punchline, paranormal investigator, who is as much of a mystery as the murders he is investigating. 

Alternatively, if you're not subscribing to KindleUnlimted you can still each issue for just $1.99 or get the entire Graphic Novel for $4.99

The Butcher of Banner Cross: Punchline is a fantastic start to a supernatural murder mystery series which will no doubt keep readers on their toes. A must-read for horror fans,” Extract from Horror Cult Films independent review